Monday, December 18, 2006

Old Navy

When I was little, I used to call Old Navy Old Lady. My mom thought it was cute, so this "mistake" of mine continued on for years. When I was old enough to judge the fashion offerings of this mega-chain, I realized that my childhood mispronounciation was not error, but a Freudian Slip, revealing what I truly thought of the store. The clothes were dowdy, always a year too late on trends. The commercials, while fun, seemed to advertise smiling and dancing as opposed to trendy apparel. So, I returned to Old Navy each year, simply for camp basics. They really do have great tanktops. I was perusing the Net for holiday clothing and, between the agressive advertising for $20 fleece pullovers in chartreuse for the whole family (!) , I saw sophisticated pieces suitable for a classy affair. I haven't seen them in person, so I can't judge the quality, but I certainly like the way they look!Old Navy Top, $25

I love this. It reminds me of something Reese Whitherspoon would wear. This is definetely functional into spring!Old Navy Pleated Silk Cami, $15

So classy. Really a fancy piece at a tiny price. This will last you years.Old Navy Babydoll, $12

This is more casual. This is definetely good for camp, etc, as well as over a thermal for now.Old Navy T-Shirt Sweater, $25

I am so converted. How cute is this, for school. Gosh, they have the cutest clothes here!

Old Navy Tiered Dress, $20

A perfect dress for a fancy occasion that leaves room in your budget a pre-party spa day.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Skirting Around...

I remember the day of the mini. In nuclear pink, three layers cascading to just above the knee. We wore them proudly, under layered wife beaters of equally obnoxious colors. We wandered the mall, panting over Juicy Couture T-Shirts that said cute things like, "SMILE!".
We all remember 2003. And while the mini skirt was a major fashion force for a while, it soon faded into the back corner of Target, taking up the walls of Baby Gap.
It seemed, for a bit, that there was no way to incorporate a skirt into a fashionable outfit. Abercrombie sold those short, "distressed" denim minis. They were distressed like a dead body was distressed. A carcas of denim, veteran of a war with bleach, rhinestones and embroidery.
These too, seemed to fade.
And we were left with a limited supply of clothing options: pants, shorts, dresses. Our lower halves were sorely understyled.
And now, the dawn after a skirtless day, it seems there is some hope, some chance that skirts will soon be worn.

Our Heroes:

Our first resillient skirt is the pencil. Simple and straight forward, this garment is librarian gone right. High waisted with a belt or a tucked in blouse, this skirt is for the fashionable.Urban Outfitters Pencil Skirt, $58

This is a newer sort of skirt. A hybrid between ruffled mini, A-line, and bubble skirt, this is a trend whose length of stay is unkown. Perhaps the most versatile of skirts, this can be worn with a T-shirt and shiny white converse, as well as tights and ballet flats. The youngest warrior, potential acknowledged, achievements few.Urban Outfitters Jacquard Pleated Skirt, $68Urban Outfitters Denim Pleated Skirt, $58

Saturday, December 09, 2006

My New Hat!

I just got back from the Felt Club, and it was great. I got an amazing hat, like this one. I think it satiates my Ana Kula desire. A little bit. Anyways, it's a cool place. They have it once a month and the stuff there is cute and sweet and original.

Felt Club

Today, I am going to the Felt Club, where a bunch of little companies that sell cute, handmade crafty stuff sell their ware. I will let you know how it is!


Last night, I think I had a dream about Polka dots. All of the sudden, in the dream, I realized that EVERYONE was wearing polka dots, and EVERYTHING had polka dots on them. Magazines said that since everyone was wearing polka dots, they were uncool.

What does this mean?
Personally, I like polka dots, if done in a non-Limited Too way.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Holiday Party Fashion Guide #2

Yale Holiday Party:

Logan and Rory are at a retirement party for a beloved professor of theirs. The invitation says "Casual Party Attire", and Rory interprets the ever elusive phrase to a T. J. Crew Sleeveless Shirt, $98

This shirt is ornate, but not showy. Reliable black is souped up in interesting polkas. J. Crew Green Cords, $58

Don't you just love the way Rory takes a risk with green pants. It's her conservative, Ivy League way of standing out. Don't worry, she knows it brings out her eyes.

American Eagle Quilted Ballet Flats, $35
Her conservative rebellion keeps going with another piece that complements, not clashes. Purple toes peeking out from green pants is a fashion manifestation of her mom's irreverence and her Emily's sophistication.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Holiday Party Fashion Guide

Some of you, unlike myself, actually have social lives, and some of you, unlike myself, don't spend an obscene amount of time online, drooling over Zac Posen's new resort line. And some of you, unlike myself, were invited to holiday parties, and some of you may not know what to wear.

What to Wear to A Holiday Party
1. Determine your audience.
Hilary Duff will not be demanded of an encore at a heavy metal concert, just like a floor length/Versace/cut out/embellished/chartreuse gown probably won't bode well eating cookies at Grandma's. Give your occasion a formality rating. 1 is soccer practice, 10, meeting the Queen. Also, regardless of an outfit's amazingness, it may not be worth it to get wierd, "Why aren't you wearing a reindeer sweater" looks from people wearing reindeer sweaters.

2. Lay your foundation.
Decide, in one word, what you are going to wear.
These are all examples of fine answers.

3. SHOP!!!
This is the easiest, yet most challenging part. It is easy because it is fun and challenging because it is fun. This is because a well-stocked mall can often lead to indecision.

In honor of my tied-for-most-favorite Gilmore, the charming Rory, I wanted to make outfits that embody her classic and carefree fashion

Mr. & Mrs. Gilmore's Cocktail Party:

Nordstrom B.P. Dress, $58

This reminds me of Rory Gilmore. Trendy, yet modest and classy. My first instinct to accessorize this is RED, but I am beginning to feel that the "retro hip" look is more old and less vintage. I would love pale pink and tan accessories, delicate and understaded.
American Eagle Stud Earrings, $12.50

These fit the bill for being Rory-esque. Simple, yet visually intriguing. The blue jeans of earrings.Delia's Woolen Jacket, $42.50

Of course Rory wouldn't even consider entering her grandparents' holiday party without a cover-up for cocktail hour.Delia's Peep Toes, $38

These may come across as a bit old lady-ish, but I know that Lorelai Gilmore II (Rory's name is actually Lorelai, did you know that?) could totally rock them in her New English sort of way.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Totally Gifted! #12

Intuition's Celeb Bling Key Ring, $18 each

Friday, November 24, 2006

Totally Gifted! #11

Old Navy Plaid Performance Fleece Blanket, $12.50

Totally Gifted! #10

These are called Critter Knee-Highs. 'Nuff said.
J. Crew Socks, $16.50

Totally Gifted! #9

If we are going to go to school, we should at least make our backpacks cuter!

Banana Republic Key Holders and Coin Purse, $24 Each

Totally Gifted! #8

I am sick of sterile white contacts cases. If I am going to put strips of plastic over my eyeballs everyday, there better be ALOT of pink involved.'s Conact Case, $16

Totally Gifted! #7

I love this bag. It's perfectly casual and functional. And cute. Really cute.
Nordstrom Messenger Bag, $16

Totally Gifted! #6

I know that this is now two jewelry holding devices, and I promise no more. I simply could not resist this.PB Teen Ring Holder, $19

Totally Gifted! #5

This super cozy slippers are a much needed update to battle-worn Uggs. Sure to incite a smile.

American Eagle aerie Slipper Socks, $24.50

Totally Gifted! #4

Urban Outfitters Rudolph Lip Balm, $10

Totally Gifted! #3

Good thing this makes it (barely) under the price cut. If not, I would have bended the rules.Urban Outfitters Black and Gold Necklace, $24

Since this is under $25 per gift, here's my plan:
Give this to one person and the necklace holder to another. (this would look almost as good on as it will on the necklace stand... tee hee..) Then have them fight until one person emerges victorious, with both items.

Totally Gifted! #2

For someone who already has way too much jewelry, the best gift is a place to put it. I love the eye catching fabric and yummy colors.
Urban Outfitters Necklace Stand, $20

Totally Gifted! #1

Plaid is in.
Bows are in.
Headbands are in.

When you think about it, this really is three stylish gifts in one. Talk about multi-tasking.

Fred Flare Headband, $10

Totally Gifted!

Being the holidays and everything, I decided to show a gift everyday.
Must be under $25

I will try to choose gifts that are fashion-ish.
Can't wait!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ana Kula--- Oh so cool

These were really popular in New York. They are soft and yummy, and I want one. These are my favorites!

Ana Kula Beret, $170

Ana Kula "Chainmail" Scarf, $145
These aren't just boring winterwear stuff. These are outfit carriers. I love them so much!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Marc Jacobs Knicknacks

I read in a magazine a while ago that at the Marc Jacobs store in Greenwhich Village, they sell little knicknacks, like pencils and erasers that say March Jacobs and are really cute, for cheap. I hunted this place down, and what I found was amazing!
It was a whole store dedicated for little, cheap things. They had $35 rainboots in splashy colors and cashmere hats for, I think, under $25. They had $25 tee-shirts and $7 bracelets. They had bandaids and pencil sharpeners.
I got pencil sharpeners (really cute, they are like animals and they say MJ on the back, $1 each) for my friends. I also got a keychain and a portable bandaid carrier (part of me wants desperately to get hurt and part of me wants to save them forever and ever!).
While you are there, I recomend Magnolia Bakery a few doors down for the most worthwhile stomach ache ever. They have the richest, yummiest cupcakes ever. Make sure to get milk with it. I think it is on Bleeker St. and 11th.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

NYC Return!

I just got back from New York. Get ready for some exciting posts on:
Marc Jacobs Knicknacks
Uniqlo from Japan
Ana Kula Hats (drool)
and Street Style

Can't Wait!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My New Discovery

So I was blog surfing, and I came across someone who said that she went to the Alloy website. I checked it out. It is Delia's-ish, but not as good. It has some cute stuff and other cheap looking stuff. I kind of liked it. Here are my findings.How cute is this! Roses! Perfect under my grey peacoat! I suspect that the reason I like this so much is that it is shiny, with bright colors. Reason enough for me!This is just begging for dark wash skinny jeans to sit on top of. Slouchy, comfy, perfect.
This would go great with this:This is a perfect homecoming dress. (Is it too late?) Simple, yet in an unepected color.
Yes, it has horses on it. But goshdarnit, I love it!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

NYC.... Yay!!!!

This weekend, I am going to New York City. I only have a few days, but I am looking for somewhere to go shopping that fits all of these requirements:
-Must have cute clothes there (duh)
-Must be cheap-ish. (I have some money to spend, that I've been saving up)
-Must be fun. Sure Century 21 has cute, cheap clothes, but I will not feel like I'm "living the life in NYC" It has to be a cute area with cute cafes, etc.
-Should be an area, not just one store. We don't have too much time.

Just so you know, don't think I am New York ignorant. My cousins live in Brooklyn and we have close family friends in the Village.
OMG! I am soooo excited!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween In Style!

This year, I am having a Halloween Party. 15 friends of mine are dressing up as their "alter egos" and we are going to (moon) bounce the night away. (The moon bounce is actually a Disney Princess Clubhouse, as that was the biggest one they had.) So, it's the day of the party and I still don't have a costume. We head to an overwhelming and noxious-smelling party store and get a blond wig. I figure this applies to a lot of costumes and makes a statement. Then I head to Buffalo Exchange (see Labor Day Time Warp) and have a similarly crazy experience. I finally have it narrowed down to a pageanty sequin mess (ala Vana White, the lady that does Wheel of Fortune) and a sleek black dress with feathers around the collar that looked like something that Laura from Project Runway would make. The sequin thing was too ripped, so I went with the Wintour look. The blond wig is straight with bangs, so I will cut it to look like her!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

If only it would rain...

Raise your hands if you love these boots.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The New Mall

So where I live, at our local mall, they COMPLETELY redid it. The Nordstroms is now huge and designer-ridden, a Target makes its home nexr to an incoming Neiman Marcus. Mac Cosmetics now peers into the vivid and detailed eyes (errr.... screen) of the Mac Computer store. And now, if you want to ride a merry-go-round, but just can't seem to decide which level to do it on, you have a choice. That's right people, a TWO DECKER merry-go-round.
Having taken my tour of the mall, gathered my conclusions and assembled my prejudices, here are my feelings.
It's wierd, when you are a mall-rat, mall-lover, and mall-junky, to wander through your local mall for an hour, trying to find some place to eat. When you've never even heard of some of the chain stores there, it's disheartening. You begin to feel out of place. How could it be that your home away from home and safe haven is now an elaborate map you squint your eyes to follow. I notice, as I step from shiny, new flooring to too slippery tile, a sense of relief. As I enter the old section of the mall, I return home, and, regardless of the boredom I have felt with it's comparitively small array of stores, I feel safe and secure.
It may be that I am afraid of change. I may have a variety of undiagnosed psychological disorders. As a matter of fact, I think I do. However, my mental health is not the subject of this blog. Shopping is.
As I think of purchasing my fall wardrobe, I think of the Lucky Brand Store they just opened, because their jeans are great, and a with a lot of begging, possibly attainable. I think of that random new store, Buckle, where it seemed like they had great hoodies. Don't get me started on the New Nordstrom's Free People collection, because it's to die for. The mall also added a new sushi restaraunt, and goshdarnit, the stone/carpet design choices provide for optimum walking comfort. They are even getting a Haagen-Daaz.
I may cry, complain and moan about this dramatic change, but I know that through some psychologist-subscribed retail therapy, I'll get through it. Maybe.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The OUT List... for now

Now that the season has almost officially changed, I have witnessed my share of faux-pas. They must be shared! Write a comment... which is the worst?
Cut off leggings- not to be snobby, but people at my school were wearing this style two years ago. I mean it.
Tucking jeans into boots- just because you paid a fortune for your vintage Frye boots does not mean you have the right to tuck your skinny jeans into them. It looks wierd. Worse: wearing capris so that it looks like you tuck your jeans into your boots. (shudder)
Kitson- I've been there. It's over-rated. It really is a study worthy of a Harvard Economy Ph.D. as to how one could sell cheap crap and make millions. And those shoes that say "Kitson Cupcake"? Believe me, no one actively participating in the Kitson scam has anything to do with cupcakes.
October 2006 In Style cover- Scarlett Johansen looks really, really wierd.
Bohemian- Boho, Boho chic, starving artist stylish... however you put it, it just looks old. Repeat after me: "If it looks sloppy, it is sloppy".
The Gap- I'm sure we're all happy that they are using Audrey Hepburn as an icon for their new collection. And I'm sure it brings to mind delicate shift dresses and elegant lady-like ness. I'm sure it doesn't bring to mind a pair of black pants, a white shirt and a grey sweater. Not to mention a black chef hat. These are all items shown in their "Audrey" ad. We don't need Audrey Hepburn to sell us basics. We just need The Gap to sell some interesting clothes.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day Time Warp

The sweat is wicking off of my forehead, and - shoeless, I dash back and forth from the dressing room. My sister, in eager confusion, asks my mom if the frock in her hands hails from the 1970's. It's 2:30, and we were celebrating Labor Day scurrying about, anxiously gathering possible dresses for the 70's themed party we were attending that evening... well, actually, thirty minutes from then.
Our first stop is Out Of The Closet, a thrift store in my neighborhood that houses way too many shoulder pads and wind breakers. Obviously, I wasn't about to show up at this party like a "before" picture.
We finally cajole my mom into going to Buffalo Exchange, what I like to think of as a second hand store for stylish college students, for whom thrift shopping is a not a necessity. A Good Will for fashionistas. (I saw a Marc Jacobs blouse there)
Searching through racks of flower power and satin confection, my sister and I find our dresses.
My dress: Gold foil foliage (say it three times fast) with a boat neck (or is it sailor... its the one that is a high neck, but is open almost to the sholders), a pencil skirt, and dramatic bell sleeves. My grandma said it was an expensive item in the 70's.
My sister's dress: Red/coral color and cap sleeves. A V-neck and empire waist, all with white piping. This dress originaly had a long, pleated skirt, with tiny pleats. We cut it to above her knees and it is now a party dress that can be dressed down.
Through this frantic process, I added a new favorite store to my list of cheap/chic locations. Do you remember those patterned Lucky Brand hoodies all over the place last year? For $88? I got one for $15.50. I feel pretty proud, and it is a cute addition to my then hoodie deprived wardrobe. All in all, a good shopping day, a good Labor Day.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Go Jane

I was flipping through Seventeen and saw that some clothes were from a website, I went to check it out and saw what I expected, a bunch of cheap, cheap looking clothes. But I also saw a few cool items, very in tune with fall. Here are my favorites.This is really interesting, for when you want a sophisticated top that stands out. I would wear this with dark jeans and a cardigan to see a play or something.I like how this is an updated version of the mini skirt. With tights and layer upon cuddly layer of sweaters and a plaid jacket, this skirt sums up fall fashion.
What an interesting print to use for a wrap dress. This will definitely stand out at whatever swanky functions you have to attend.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

First Week of School

I have just finished my first week of school, and all I have to say is Phew! Although I really enjoyed it, high school is a lot more tiring than sitting my the pool sipping diet coke. At my school, we can only wear shirts with collars, and no athletic or sweatpants. That means that anyone who is into fashion and dresses well (80% at my school) has moved beyond that sorry cotton garment to the world of shirt dresses, blouses and well, maybe they are polos, but Travota or vintage La Coste. This is very frustrating for someone with more of a Gap budget (me!). I spend way more time than these girls obsessing over what goes with what, while they can walk into Bloomie's and go for it. I want to find cheap polo replacements (or just cute and original polos).

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Perfume Packaging

I don't wear perfume. I probably won't for a few years, but if I did, I know that I would choose perfume based 100% on the packaging, whatever looks best on my dresser. If I were to choose, this is what I would choose.Lolita Lempicka. Sephora. $40 for1 oz. Vera Wang Princess. Sephora. $52 for 1.7 oz.Miss Dior Cherie. Sephora. $50 for 1 oz. Guerlain Paris. Sephora. $45

Fall Jackets

Every Fall wardrobe involves jackets, so this year, make sure your jackets are hip and outfit-making. Here are my faves.Hot Topic. $34
I am not punk at all. Not in the least. I am way more Jump 5 than Evanesence or what ever band is really scary/hard rock-ish. But I still like this jacket because of the plaid and the things in the front, not to scare little kids with mohawks and Bam-Bam-like nose rings. Target. $39.99
Phew. This is a lot more my pace. Bright, shiny and put together. Dress it up, dress it down!Target. $59.99
Plaid + Capelet = Double Trend for your bucks!
Urban Outfitters. $68
My sister has this in grey. I love how it can be dressed up with a knee length skirt.
The capelet look: finally cheap! This looks cozy.

Walmart. $23

Jackets that stand out really pull an outfit togetherand are versatile.