Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day Time Warp

The sweat is wicking off of my forehead, and - shoeless, I dash back and forth from the dressing room. My sister, in eager confusion, asks my mom if the frock in her hands hails from the 1970's. It's 2:30, and we were celebrating Labor Day scurrying about, anxiously gathering possible dresses for the 70's themed party we were attending that evening... well, actually, thirty minutes from then.
Our first stop is Out Of The Closet, a thrift store in my neighborhood that houses way too many shoulder pads and wind breakers. Obviously, I wasn't about to show up at this party like a "before" picture.
We finally cajole my mom into going to Buffalo Exchange, what I like to think of as a second hand store for stylish college students, for whom thrift shopping is a not a necessity. A Good Will for fashionistas. (I saw a Marc Jacobs blouse there)
Searching through racks of flower power and satin confection, my sister and I find our dresses.
My dress: Gold foil foliage (say it three times fast) with a boat neck (or is it sailor... its the one that is a high neck, but is open almost to the sholders), a pencil skirt, and dramatic bell sleeves. My grandma said it was an expensive item in the 70's.
My sister's dress: Red/coral color and cap sleeves. A V-neck and empire waist, all with white piping. This dress originaly had a long, pleated skirt, with tiny pleats. We cut it to above her knees and it is now a party dress that can be dressed down.
Through this frantic process, I added a new favorite store to my list of cheap/chic locations. Do you remember those patterned Lucky Brand hoodies all over the place last year? For $88? I got one for $15.50. I feel pretty proud, and it is a cute addition to my then hoodie deprived wardrobe. All in all, a good shopping day, a good Labor Day.

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