Sunday, September 24, 2006

The OUT List... for now

Now that the season has almost officially changed, I have witnessed my share of faux-pas. They must be shared! Write a comment... which is the worst?
Cut off leggings- not to be snobby, but people at my school were wearing this style two years ago. I mean it.
Tucking jeans into boots- just because you paid a fortune for your vintage Frye boots does not mean you have the right to tuck your skinny jeans into them. It looks wierd. Worse: wearing capris so that it looks like you tuck your jeans into your boots. (shudder)
Kitson- I've been there. It's over-rated. It really is a study worthy of a Harvard Economy Ph.D. as to how one could sell cheap crap and make millions. And those shoes that say "Kitson Cupcake"? Believe me, no one actively participating in the Kitson scam has anything to do with cupcakes.
October 2006 In Style cover- Scarlett Johansen looks really, really wierd.
Bohemian- Boho, Boho chic, starving artist stylish... however you put it, it just looks old. Repeat after me: "If it looks sloppy, it is sloppy".
The Gap- I'm sure we're all happy that they are using Audrey Hepburn as an icon for their new collection. And I'm sure it brings to mind delicate shift dresses and elegant lady-like ness. I'm sure it doesn't bring to mind a pair of black pants, a white shirt and a grey sweater. Not to mention a black chef hat. These are all items shown in their "Audrey" ad. We don't need Audrey Hepburn to sell us basics. We just need The Gap to sell some interesting clothes.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day Time Warp

The sweat is wicking off of my forehead, and - shoeless, I dash back and forth from the dressing room. My sister, in eager confusion, asks my mom if the frock in her hands hails from the 1970's. It's 2:30, and we were celebrating Labor Day scurrying about, anxiously gathering possible dresses for the 70's themed party we were attending that evening... well, actually, thirty minutes from then.
Our first stop is Out Of The Closet, a thrift store in my neighborhood that houses way too many shoulder pads and wind breakers. Obviously, I wasn't about to show up at this party like a "before" picture.
We finally cajole my mom into going to Buffalo Exchange, what I like to think of as a second hand store for stylish college students, for whom thrift shopping is a not a necessity. A Good Will for fashionistas. (I saw a Marc Jacobs blouse there)
Searching through racks of flower power and satin confection, my sister and I find our dresses.
My dress: Gold foil foliage (say it three times fast) with a boat neck (or is it sailor... its the one that is a high neck, but is open almost to the sholders), a pencil skirt, and dramatic bell sleeves. My grandma said it was an expensive item in the 70's.
My sister's dress: Red/coral color and cap sleeves. A V-neck and empire waist, all with white piping. This dress originaly had a long, pleated skirt, with tiny pleats. We cut it to above her knees and it is now a party dress that can be dressed down.
Through this frantic process, I added a new favorite store to my list of cheap/chic locations. Do you remember those patterned Lucky Brand hoodies all over the place last year? For $88? I got one for $15.50. I feel pretty proud, and it is a cute addition to my then hoodie deprived wardrobe. All in all, a good shopping day, a good Labor Day.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Go Jane

I was flipping through Seventeen and saw that some clothes were from a website, I went to check it out and saw what I expected, a bunch of cheap, cheap looking clothes. But I also saw a few cool items, very in tune with fall. Here are my favorites.This is really interesting, for when you want a sophisticated top that stands out. I would wear this with dark jeans and a cardigan to see a play or something.I like how this is an updated version of the mini skirt. With tights and layer upon cuddly layer of sweaters and a plaid jacket, this skirt sums up fall fashion.
What an interesting print to use for a wrap dress. This will definitely stand out at whatever swanky functions you have to attend.