Thursday, August 31, 2006

First Week of School

I have just finished my first week of school, and all I have to say is Phew! Although I really enjoyed it, high school is a lot more tiring than sitting my the pool sipping diet coke. At my school, we can only wear shirts with collars, and no athletic or sweatpants. That means that anyone who is into fashion and dresses well (80% at my school) has moved beyond that sorry cotton garment to the world of shirt dresses, blouses and well, maybe they are polos, but Travota or vintage La Coste. This is very frustrating for someone with more of a Gap budget (me!). I spend way more time than these girls obsessing over what goes with what, while they can walk into Bloomie's and go for it. I want to find cheap polo replacements (or just cute and original polos).

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Perfume Packaging

I don't wear perfume. I probably won't for a few years, but if I did, I know that I would choose perfume based 100% on the packaging, whatever looks best on my dresser. If I were to choose, this is what I would choose.Lolita Lempicka. Sephora. $40 for1 oz. Vera Wang Princess. Sephora. $52 for 1.7 oz.Miss Dior Cherie. Sephora. $50 for 1 oz. Guerlain Paris. Sephora. $45

Fall Jackets

Every Fall wardrobe involves jackets, so this year, make sure your jackets are hip and outfit-making. Here are my faves.Hot Topic. $34
I am not punk at all. Not in the least. I am way more Jump 5 than Evanesence or what ever band is really scary/hard rock-ish. But I still like this jacket because of the plaid and the things in the front, not to scare little kids with mohawks and Bam-Bam-like nose rings. Target. $39.99
Phew. This is a lot more my pace. Bright, shiny and put together. Dress it up, dress it down!Target. $59.99
Plaid + Capelet = Double Trend for your bucks!
Urban Outfitters. $68
My sister has this in grey. I love how it can be dressed up with a knee length skirt.
The capelet look: finally cheap! This looks cozy.

Walmart. $23

Jackets that stand out really pull an outfit togetherand are versatile.


In celebration of Cheetah Girl's 2 debut, I want to write about purr-fectly cute leopard print stuff. From accessories to sweaters, return to your animal instincts in growl-rific patterns!Leopard is the most popilar and versatile, but zebra and giraffe are still trendy.Target Flats. $29.99
I think these will brighten up any outfit.LAMB Leopard Print Hoodie. $165
This is obviously a "Yeah Right", but it is so cute. It is so much more original than the UCLA sweatshirt from your mom. J. Crew Leopard Print Sweater. $88
Remember: Keep it Cheetah-licious!

Flat Boots

My favorite shoes for fall are flat boots a'la Angelina Jolie. The flatter the better, these shoes are just so cool. tuck in skinny jeans

Delia's Black Boots. $69

Delia's Black Boots. $59

Bags for School

Although we are guilty of Posession of Jansports, this year my new school year's resolution is to stuff my stuff into a cute tote. I will leave all my books in my locker in a backpack for the actual class. My favorites are fashionable, cheap and above all: BIG. On my internet treasure hunt, I found that the biggest and cutest ones were leather. I love leather for a bag because it gives it a more refined look, and it looks less like a canvas Trader Joe's bag.

Leather Bags, Delias about $37.50 each
The studs give this bag a punky edge and the black leather goes with everything.
American Eagle Canvas Tote. $29.50
This is probably the most practical of the bags, but it isn't the cutest.
Purple Bag. Urban Outfitters. $34.99
This color is really fresh and new. I think this is also the biggest of all the bags.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Hair Accessories

This season, a side part will not cut it in the world of hair fashion. Styles are barettes, bobby pins and headbands that are bold, retro, shiny, gold and red.

Forever 21 has cute and cheap ones, but their website does not allow pictures to be pasted elsewhere, so here is the link.

Wet Seal Barrette. $4

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fall Staples

Since our malls are screaming "Fall, Fall, Fall" at us, we might as well become retail puppets and plan our fall wardrobes. (It's so nice to blame a fashion fetish on America's Consumerism) Although, we don't get fall till Halloween, I am beginning to plan what Fall Staples will make my closet their home. We have the warm and reliable peacoat in plaid, the true blue grey/black jeans and our soft and funky sweatshirt. Let's get started!


American Eagle Jeans. $59.50

These are trendy without being throwaways after the season. The super dark wash is crisp and modern. I don't need to tell any of you that jeans are the foundation of a good wardrobe and that they go with ANYTHING, right?


Delia's Peacoat. $88.50

I'm not going to pretend that I know alot about coats. I don't. What I do know is that this one is cute, looks warm and goes with everything. Good enough for me!

Mini Skirt:

American Eagle Denim Mini: $39.50
Wear with tights. I like the dark wash and the straight, untattered cut. An un-abused denim mini!


Delia's Turtleneck. $22.50

This season, a turtle neck is the go-to layering item. This one is light weight and short sleeved, good for us California girls wanting to take part in the layering fun that the west coasters enjoy.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

How To Wear A: Jumper

With this season's layers and menswear influences, one of it's chicest pieces is a jumper. This shift style dress can be daunting as you are standing in front of your closet, early on a Monday morning, trying to find an outfit that will battle the cold and reign victorious with style.
The Challenge:Jumper Dress from Delia's $39.50
The Additions:Striped Polo from Abercrombie and Fitch. $39.50
Black Cardigan from Old Navy. $34.50 Free People tights. $28 Delia's Black Ballet Flats. On sale for $24.

This is enough layers for the fall where I live, but probably not the rest of the US. Add a plaid/tweed jacket for extra warmth.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Yeah Right, Just Right: Graphic Dresses

Of course an article about graphic dresses has to involve Diane von Furstenburg. It just does. Her dresses are timeless, and if you have the money, are a good investment. Here are my favorites of hers for fall.
Yeah Right:

Just Right:

I could not get a picture from the variety of under $30 wrap dresses at Fovere 21, but I urge you to peruse this cheap-wrap-dress treasure chest.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wierd or Cool: Overall Jeans

This is a pic from the Fall 06 Marc by Marc Jacobs runway. Jessica Stam models this... controversial look.
I can't decide if it is wierd or cool. I guess the idea is cool, but I can't imagine what I would think if I saw someone wearing this down the street. Obviously, chain stores have taken a liking to this denim overall look.
This is Urban Outfitters... ahem... original look. Do you see the resemblance?
I love the idea of this denim overall.
Please reply to this question: would you wear it?

Do Good, Look Good

I found these in my Bible, Teen Vogue. A while ago, when I went into Fred Segal (as my kindergarten teacher said, "touch with your eyes") I saw similar ones that said inspirational sayings. They were $40. These all say "Make a difference now", which I totally believe, especially with the genocide happening in the Darfur region of Sudan right now. This bracelet can act as a fashionable, affordable reminder that, whatever your cause, you can make a difference!

Charity Bracelets. $2 at

Yeah Right, Just Right: Hoodies

I am starting a column that I will call: Yeah Right, Just Right. I will show expensive things and their cheaper counter parts. I will try to do a new one every week.

Yeah Right: This is a Free People hoody for $88. Leopard print is great for fall. There is something about Free People. The finish of the hoody is delectable...

Just Right:

This is a sweatshirt from Klovis (?) that is sold at for $38. I like the distressed look. It makes it stand out.

This is another from for $36. The print is delicate and the color is a nice neutral.

My Friend the Seam Ripper

This past week, I have taken a sewing class for the first time. For two hours a day I was Project Runway-ing it up while some curmudgoenly old lady screamed at me. Surrounded by seven year olds, I took 8 hours to make a simple looking shift/jumper dress. There's one thing I learned:
Making clothes is hard.
I now have a greater reverence for the Project Runway contestants who make really complicated garments without patterns.
I made a plaid jumper. I figured it was simple enough to make and that it probably wouldn't be sold in stores at my price range. I am really happy with the results. At some point if I figure out how to upload a picture from a camera, I will put it in.

P. Run!!!

I just came up with a new nick name for the best show on TV, ever. I am obsessed with Project Runway. No really. Obsessed. I swear I started to hyperventilate when it came on last night. Everything about it is perfect. The fashion, the drama and... The GUNN!Tim Gunn is amazing. I am going to assume you all watch it, because you really have no right to be looking at a fashion blog without knowledge of this higher being.

I hope I was not the only one crying on the floor when Allison was kicked out. Over VINCENT! Seriously. The guy is crazy. He sent this elongated marshmallow coated with ugly down the runway...

Aargh!!! but then again, Alison's is pretty bizarre.

The Most Gorgeous Watches in the World!

I've blogged about these babies before. They are so utterly drool worthy. I have never seen nor touched them. The price is too high for me, but not so much that it can't be a Holiday/Birthday/Lottery Winning present... I would wear it every day and it would keep my on time and then I would get better grades... Please, mom, please!!!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Necklace Watches. $125 at Nordstrom.

The Saga of the Vest!

I was on Old to do my segment about skinny jeans, and what do you know, I see that they have quite an array of vests. In Southern California, where I live, fall doesn't really come until after halloween. That means two months at school awkwardly straddling summer and fall. This year, I will dive head first into fall, focusing less on its warmth providing clothes, and more on its trends suitable for 90 degree weather. I found vests at Old Navy. Unfortuanately I don't really know how to pull it off. If you have any ideas, let me know.
Old Navy Brown Vest. On sale for $20.

Skinny Jeans

I'll admit it. Skinny Jeans are the cool jeans for fall. But one thing I know is true: in six months we will not be seen out of the house in them. So: Spend $50 plus dollars on jeans with a sorry life expectancy or: get them at old navy, wear them for a few months and don't cry during their funeral.

Old Navy Skinny Jeans. On sale for $25.

The Return of Turtlenecks!

I have noticed in stores, on the runway and in magazines that this winter, a vital layering piece will be the thin, soft, plush turtleneck. A turtleneck is perfect under the shift dresses, plaid jackets and menswear inspired vests of Fall/Winter 06. Ideal turtlenecks are thin enough to layer and really cuddly. If your top layer is bright with exciting colors, then the turtleneck should be a neutral color. If you have a basic top layer, then your turtleneck should be a muted shade that complements your outfit.
Hey, turtlenecks save money: you don't have to wear a scarf!

On the Jeans Hunt!

I am calling all you Denim Gurus for your help.I am in the market for jeans around $150. (Less is better, though) I want a brand that is going to be big soon. I don't want them gimicky looking. (cough True Religion cough) I am really short with a tummy. What should I get. I can't pull of skinny jeans, and I want something that isn't trendy, but is still a brand that will eventually be recognizable.Thanks! Write your ideas in the comments area.

Must Haves for Fall

Must Haves for Fall
When I was rotting away at summer camp, and my only window to the world was my handy dandy Teen Vogue, I took inspiration from its trendy pages and came up with my must-have list for fall.

  • Cute Hoodie - this isn't really a trend or anything, I just plain need a hoody. I lose mine every year...
    Patterned Tights- Yes I mean tights, that go all the way around your feet. SO much more cool (more cool... is that right?) that cutoff tights, the wannabe look for all the Valley Girl mall rats I am surrounded by...
  • Flats for School- ballet flats really have moved from trend to staple. I will either get red patent leather or leopard print, but the leopard print ones from Target are a little to cheapy looking, but I don't know...
  • Marc Jacobs Necklace Watch- This warrants an OMG! so here goes: OMG! these are so cute. They are just basic long chains with cool fruit pendants with clocks on them. Maybe I could tell my mom that it would help me stay organized... Goshdarnit, they are so cool!
  • Sweater Dress- With the patterned tights and flats, it would be a perfect look. I just have to make sure it is fitted enough so it doesn't look like the 90's aerobic gear my mom wore when I was a baby.
  • Patent Leather Headband- I already have this. No wait. My sister already has this. Same thing!
  • Striped Blouse- I say this because of the striped and plaid blouses at American Eagle right now... but I tried it on and it was sort of a depressing affair because it looked horrible on... sigh...
  • White Blouse- You see, at my school we can wear any top with a collar and this would be so much more... fresh than a cookie cutter Abercrombie polo you pay $40 for.
  • Wrap Sweater- With this, I am thinking thin, layer-able in grey. Sort of a ballet look.
    Plaid Capelet- Another thing I will steal from my sister... god, she's so lucky her birthday is at the end of August. She always goes back to school with great clothes!


Fash'n'Teen is a blog about fashion, for teens by a teen. I want to make a blog that presents fashion in a way teens can understand, afford, and wear. Although we are all drooling over the Marc Jacob's plaid jumpers this season, I know I speak for most everyone when I say that that really isn't happening in the wallet department. So I want to show things we can actually afford, without looking like mall rats. This blog is for teens that are sick of tattered denim minis and cut off leggings, but don't have access to Teen Vogue's closet.