Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Friend the Seam Ripper

This past week, I have taken a sewing class for the first time. For two hours a day I was Project Runway-ing it up while some curmudgoenly old lady screamed at me. Surrounded by seven year olds, I took 8 hours to make a simple looking shift/jumper dress. There's one thing I learned:
Making clothes is hard.
I now have a greater reverence for the Project Runway contestants who make really complicated garments without patterns.
I made a plaid jumper. I figured it was simple enough to make and that it probably wouldn't be sold in stores at my price range. I am really happy with the results. At some point if I figure out how to upload a picture from a camera, I will put it in.


missc said...

I took a sewing class at school, and it was hard, hard work. but kudos for making a dress!

Fashionateen said...


Fashionateen said...


Anonymous said...

really??? thats soo great. i probally couldnt even make a sock.

Fashionateen said...

i think socks are hard... wouldnt know though. mine would come out without an opening for the foot.