Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fall Jackets

Every Fall wardrobe involves jackets, so this year, make sure your jackets are hip and outfit-making. Here are my faves.Hot Topic. $34
I am not punk at all. Not in the least. I am way more Jump 5 than Evanesence or what ever band is really scary/hard rock-ish. But I still like this jacket because of the plaid and the things in the front, not to scare little kids with mohawks and Bam-Bam-like nose rings. Target. $39.99
Phew. This is a lot more my pace. Bright, shiny and put together. Dress it up, dress it down!Target. $59.99
Plaid + Capelet = Double Trend for your bucks!
Urban Outfitters. $68
My sister has this in grey. I love how it can be dressed up with a knee length skirt.
The capelet look: finally cheap! This looks cozy.

Walmart. $23

Jackets that stand out really pull an outfit togetherand are versatile.

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