Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bags for School

Although we are guilty of Posession of Jansports, this year my new school year's resolution is to stuff my stuff into a cute tote. I will leave all my books in my locker in a backpack for the actual class. My favorites are fashionable, cheap and above all: BIG. On my internet treasure hunt, I found that the biggest and cutest ones were leather. I love leather for a bag because it gives it a more refined look, and it looks less like a canvas Trader Joe's bag.

Leather Bags, Delias about $37.50 each
The studs give this bag a punky edge and the black leather goes with everything.
American Eagle Canvas Tote. $29.50
This is probably the most practical of the bags, but it isn't the cutest.
Purple Bag. Urban Outfitters. $34.99
This color is really fresh and new. I think this is also the biggest of all the bags.

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