Saturday, November 25, 2006

Totally Gifted! #12

Intuition's Celeb Bling Key Ring, $18 each

Friday, November 24, 2006

Totally Gifted! #11

Old Navy Plaid Performance Fleece Blanket, $12.50

Totally Gifted! #10

These are called Critter Knee-Highs. 'Nuff said.
J. Crew Socks, $16.50

Totally Gifted! #9

If we are going to go to school, we should at least make our backpacks cuter!

Banana Republic Key Holders and Coin Purse, $24 Each

Totally Gifted! #8

I am sick of sterile white contacts cases. If I am going to put strips of plastic over my eyeballs everyday, there better be ALOT of pink involved.'s Conact Case, $16

Totally Gifted! #7

I love this bag. It's perfectly casual and functional. And cute. Really cute.
Nordstrom Messenger Bag, $16

Totally Gifted! #6

I know that this is now two jewelry holding devices, and I promise no more. I simply could not resist this.PB Teen Ring Holder, $19

Totally Gifted! #5

This super cozy slippers are a much needed update to battle-worn Uggs. Sure to incite a smile.

American Eagle aerie Slipper Socks, $24.50

Totally Gifted! #4

Urban Outfitters Rudolph Lip Balm, $10

Totally Gifted! #3

Good thing this makes it (barely) under the price cut. If not, I would have bended the rules.Urban Outfitters Black and Gold Necklace, $24

Since this is under $25 per gift, here's my plan:
Give this to one person and the necklace holder to another. (this would look almost as good on as it will on the necklace stand... tee hee..) Then have them fight until one person emerges victorious, with both items.

Totally Gifted! #2

For someone who already has way too much jewelry, the best gift is a place to put it. I love the eye catching fabric and yummy colors.
Urban Outfitters Necklace Stand, $20

Totally Gifted! #1

Plaid is in.
Bows are in.
Headbands are in.

When you think about it, this really is three stylish gifts in one. Talk about multi-tasking.

Fred Flare Headband, $10

Totally Gifted!

Being the holidays and everything, I decided to show a gift everyday.
Must be under $25

I will try to choose gifts that are fashion-ish.
Can't wait!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ana Kula--- Oh so cool

These were really popular in New York. They are soft and yummy, and I want one. These are my favorites!

Ana Kula Beret, $170

Ana Kula "Chainmail" Scarf, $145
These aren't just boring winterwear stuff. These are outfit carriers. I love them so much!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Marc Jacobs Knicknacks

I read in a magazine a while ago that at the Marc Jacobs store in Greenwhich Village, they sell little knicknacks, like pencils and erasers that say March Jacobs and are really cute, for cheap. I hunted this place down, and what I found was amazing!
It was a whole store dedicated for little, cheap things. They had $35 rainboots in splashy colors and cashmere hats for, I think, under $25. They had $25 tee-shirts and $7 bracelets. They had bandaids and pencil sharpeners.
I got pencil sharpeners (really cute, they are like animals and they say MJ on the back, $1 each) for my friends. I also got a keychain and a portable bandaid carrier (part of me wants desperately to get hurt and part of me wants to save them forever and ever!).
While you are there, I recomend Magnolia Bakery a few doors down for the most worthwhile stomach ache ever. They have the richest, yummiest cupcakes ever. Make sure to get milk with it. I think it is on Bleeker St. and 11th.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

NYC Return!

I just got back from New York. Get ready for some exciting posts on:
Marc Jacobs Knicknacks
Uniqlo from Japan
Ana Kula Hats (drool)
and Street Style

Can't Wait!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My New Discovery

So I was blog surfing, and I came across someone who said that she went to the Alloy website. I checked it out. It is Delia's-ish, but not as good. It has some cute stuff and other cheap looking stuff. I kind of liked it. Here are my findings.How cute is this! Roses! Perfect under my grey peacoat! I suspect that the reason I like this so much is that it is shiny, with bright colors. Reason enough for me!This is just begging for dark wash skinny jeans to sit on top of. Slouchy, comfy, perfect.
This would go great with this:This is a perfect homecoming dress. (Is it too late?) Simple, yet in an unepected color.
Yes, it has horses on it. But goshdarnit, I love it!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

NYC.... Yay!!!!

This weekend, I am going to New York City. I only have a few days, but I am looking for somewhere to go shopping that fits all of these requirements:
-Must have cute clothes there (duh)
-Must be cheap-ish. (I have some money to spend, that I've been saving up)
-Must be fun. Sure Century 21 has cute, cheap clothes, but I will not feel like I'm "living the life in NYC" It has to be a cute area with cute cafes, etc.
-Should be an area, not just one store. We don't have too much time.

Just so you know, don't think I am New York ignorant. My cousins live in Brooklyn and we have close family friends in the Village.
OMG! I am soooo excited!