Thursday, August 17, 2006

Must Haves for Fall

Must Haves for Fall
When I was rotting away at summer camp, and my only window to the world was my handy dandy Teen Vogue, I took inspiration from its trendy pages and came up with my must-have list for fall.

  • Cute Hoodie - this isn't really a trend or anything, I just plain need a hoody. I lose mine every year...
    Patterned Tights- Yes I mean tights, that go all the way around your feet. SO much more cool (more cool... is that right?) that cutoff tights, the wannabe look for all the Valley Girl mall rats I am surrounded by...
  • Flats for School- ballet flats really have moved from trend to staple. I will either get red patent leather or leopard print, but the leopard print ones from Target are a little to cheapy looking, but I don't know...
  • Marc Jacobs Necklace Watch- This warrants an OMG! so here goes: OMG! these are so cute. They are just basic long chains with cool fruit pendants with clocks on them. Maybe I could tell my mom that it would help me stay organized... Goshdarnit, they are so cool!
  • Sweater Dress- With the patterned tights and flats, it would be a perfect look. I just have to make sure it is fitted enough so it doesn't look like the 90's aerobic gear my mom wore when I was a baby.
  • Patent Leather Headband- I already have this. No wait. My sister already has this. Same thing!
  • Striped Blouse- I say this because of the striped and plaid blouses at American Eagle right now... but I tried it on and it was sort of a depressing affair because it looked horrible on... sigh...
  • White Blouse- You see, at my school we can wear any top with a collar and this would be so much more... fresh than a cookie cutter Abercrombie polo you pay $40 for.
  • Wrap Sweater- With this, I am thinking thin, layer-able in grey. Sort of a ballet look.
    Plaid Capelet- Another thing I will steal from my sister... god, she's so lucky her birthday is at the end of August. She always goes back to school with great clothes!

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