Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The New Mall

So where I live, at our local mall, they COMPLETELY redid it. The Nordstroms is now huge and designer-ridden, a Target makes its home nexr to an incoming Neiman Marcus. Mac Cosmetics now peers into the vivid and detailed eyes (errr.... screen) of the Mac Computer store. And now, if you want to ride a merry-go-round, but just can't seem to decide which level to do it on, you have a choice. That's right people, a TWO DECKER merry-go-round.
Having taken my tour of the mall, gathered my conclusions and assembled my prejudices, here are my feelings.
It's wierd, when you are a mall-rat, mall-lover, and mall-junky, to wander through your local mall for an hour, trying to find some place to eat. When you've never even heard of some of the chain stores there, it's disheartening. You begin to feel out of place. How could it be that your home away from home and safe haven is now an elaborate map you squint your eyes to follow. I notice, as I step from shiny, new flooring to too slippery tile, a sense of relief. As I enter the old section of the mall, I return home, and, regardless of the boredom I have felt with it's comparitively small array of stores, I feel safe and secure.
It may be that I am afraid of change. I may have a variety of undiagnosed psychological disorders. As a matter of fact, I think I do. However, my mental health is not the subject of this blog. Shopping is.
As I think of purchasing my fall wardrobe, I think of the Lucky Brand Store they just opened, because their jeans are great, and a with a lot of begging, possibly attainable. I think of that random new store, Buckle, where it seemed like they had great hoodies. Don't get me started on the New Nordstrom's Free People collection, because it's to die for. The mall also added a new sushi restaraunt, and goshdarnit, the stone/carpet design choices provide for optimum walking comfort. They are even getting a Haagen-Daaz.
I may cry, complain and moan about this dramatic change, but I know that through some psychologist-subscribed retail therapy, I'll get through it. Maybe.

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