Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween In Style!

This year, I am having a Halloween Party. 15 friends of mine are dressing up as their "alter egos" and we are going to (moon) bounce the night away. (The moon bounce is actually a Disney Princess Clubhouse, as that was the biggest one they had.) So, it's the day of the party and I still don't have a costume. We head to an overwhelming and noxious-smelling party store and get a blond wig. I figure this applies to a lot of costumes and makes a statement. Then I head to Buffalo Exchange (see Labor Day Time Warp) and have a similarly crazy experience. I finally have it narrowed down to a pageanty sequin mess (ala Vana White, the lady that does Wheel of Fortune) and a sleek black dress with feathers around the collar that looked like something that Laura from Project Runway would make. The sequin thing was too ripped, so I went with the Wintour look. The blond wig is straight with bangs, so I will cut it to look like her!

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