Thursday, December 07, 2006

Holiday Party Fashion Guide

Some of you, unlike myself, actually have social lives, and some of you, unlike myself, don't spend an obscene amount of time online, drooling over Zac Posen's new resort line. And some of you, unlike myself, were invited to holiday parties, and some of you may not know what to wear.

What to Wear to A Holiday Party
1. Determine your audience.
Hilary Duff will not be demanded of an encore at a heavy metal concert, just like a floor length/Versace/cut out/embellished/chartreuse gown probably won't bode well eating cookies at Grandma's. Give your occasion a formality rating. 1 is soccer practice, 10, meeting the Queen. Also, regardless of an outfit's amazingness, it may not be worth it to get wierd, "Why aren't you wearing a reindeer sweater" looks from people wearing reindeer sweaters.

2. Lay your foundation.
Decide, in one word, what you are going to wear.
These are all examples of fine answers.

3. SHOP!!!
This is the easiest, yet most challenging part. It is easy because it is fun and challenging because it is fun. This is because a well-stocked mall can often lead to indecision.

In honor of my tied-for-most-favorite Gilmore, the charming Rory, I wanted to make outfits that embody her classic and carefree fashion

Mr. & Mrs. Gilmore's Cocktail Party:

Nordstrom B.P. Dress, $58

This reminds me of Rory Gilmore. Trendy, yet modest and classy. My first instinct to accessorize this is RED, but I am beginning to feel that the "retro hip" look is more old and less vintage. I would love pale pink and tan accessories, delicate and understaded.
American Eagle Stud Earrings, $12.50

These fit the bill for being Rory-esque. Simple, yet visually intriguing. The blue jeans of earrings.Delia's Woolen Jacket, $42.50

Of course Rory wouldn't even consider entering her grandparents' holiday party without a cover-up for cocktail hour.Delia's Peep Toes, $38

These may come across as a bit old lady-ish, but I know that Lorelai Gilmore II (Rory's name is actually Lorelai, did you know that?) could totally rock them in her New English sort of way.

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