Monday, December 18, 2006

Old Navy

When I was little, I used to call Old Navy Old Lady. My mom thought it was cute, so this "mistake" of mine continued on for years. When I was old enough to judge the fashion offerings of this mega-chain, I realized that my childhood mispronounciation was not error, but a Freudian Slip, revealing what I truly thought of the store. The clothes were dowdy, always a year too late on trends. The commercials, while fun, seemed to advertise smiling and dancing as opposed to trendy apparel. So, I returned to Old Navy each year, simply for camp basics. They really do have great tanktops. I was perusing the Net for holiday clothing and, between the agressive advertising for $20 fleece pullovers in chartreuse for the whole family (!) , I saw sophisticated pieces suitable for a classy affair. I haven't seen them in person, so I can't judge the quality, but I certainly like the way they look!Old Navy Top, $25

I love this. It reminds me of something Reese Whitherspoon would wear. This is definetely functional into spring!Old Navy Pleated Silk Cami, $15

So classy. Really a fancy piece at a tiny price. This will last you years.Old Navy Babydoll, $12

This is more casual. This is definetely good for camp, etc, as well as over a thermal for now.Old Navy T-Shirt Sweater, $25

I am so converted. How cute is this, for school. Gosh, they have the cutest clothes here!

Old Navy Tiered Dress, $20

A perfect dress for a fancy occasion that leaves room in your budget a pre-party spa day.

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