Friday, December 08, 2006

Holiday Party Fashion Guide #2

Yale Holiday Party:

Logan and Rory are at a retirement party for a beloved professor of theirs. The invitation says "Casual Party Attire", and Rory interprets the ever elusive phrase to a T. J. Crew Sleeveless Shirt, $98

This shirt is ornate, but not showy. Reliable black is souped up in interesting polkas. J. Crew Green Cords, $58

Don't you just love the way Rory takes a risk with green pants. It's her conservative, Ivy League way of standing out. Don't worry, she knows it brings out her eyes.

American Eagle Quilted Ballet Flats, $35
Her conservative rebellion keeps going with another piece that complements, not clashes. Purple toes peeking out from green pants is a fashion manifestation of her mom's irreverence and her Emily's sophistication.

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