Sunday, December 10, 2006

Skirting Around...

I remember the day of the mini. In nuclear pink, three layers cascading to just above the knee. We wore them proudly, under layered wife beaters of equally obnoxious colors. We wandered the mall, panting over Juicy Couture T-Shirts that said cute things like, "SMILE!".
We all remember 2003. And while the mini skirt was a major fashion force for a while, it soon faded into the back corner of Target, taking up the walls of Baby Gap.
It seemed, for a bit, that there was no way to incorporate a skirt into a fashionable outfit. Abercrombie sold those short, "distressed" denim minis. They were distressed like a dead body was distressed. A carcas of denim, veteran of a war with bleach, rhinestones and embroidery.
These too, seemed to fade.
And we were left with a limited supply of clothing options: pants, shorts, dresses. Our lower halves were sorely understyled.
And now, the dawn after a skirtless day, it seems there is some hope, some chance that skirts will soon be worn.

Our Heroes:

Our first resillient skirt is the pencil. Simple and straight forward, this garment is librarian gone right. High waisted with a belt or a tucked in blouse, this skirt is for the fashionable.Urban Outfitters Pencil Skirt, $58

This is a newer sort of skirt. A hybrid between ruffled mini, A-line, and bubble skirt, this is a trend whose length of stay is unkown. Perhaps the most versatile of skirts, this can be worn with a T-shirt and shiny white converse, as well as tights and ballet flats. The youngest warrior, potential acknowledged, achievements few.Urban Outfitters Jacquard Pleated Skirt, $68Urban Outfitters Denim Pleated Skirt, $58

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