Sunday, November 05, 2006

My New Discovery

So I was blog surfing, and I came across someone who said that she went to the Alloy website. I checked it out. It is Delia's-ish, but not as good. It has some cute stuff and other cheap looking stuff. I kind of liked it. Here are my findings.How cute is this! Roses! Perfect under my grey peacoat! I suspect that the reason I like this so much is that it is shiny, with bright colors. Reason enough for me!This is just begging for dark wash skinny jeans to sit on top of. Slouchy, comfy, perfect.
This would go great with this:This is a perfect homecoming dress. (Is it too late?) Simple, yet in an unepected color.
Yes, it has horses on it. But goshdarnit, I love it!

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